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Bosphorus Boat Show Marine Fair will be organized by YATED Fuarcılık and ED Fuarcılık at MarinTurk Istanbul City Port on 21-29 October 2023. The fair will be organized in Pendik again and will be the ultimate destination for the industry for long years to come. The fair will be open for 9 days and many products will be exhibited, including mega yachts, motor yachts, sailboats, catamarans, sports boats, speedboats, boats, boat engines, boat equipment and accessories, pedalos, sea toys, along with a showcase of the industry’s leading leasing and insurance companies, boat textiles, boat electronics and many more.
Local brands/models and global brands, which suit everyone’s taste and needs, will debut in this fair. Bosphorus Boat Show Maritime Fair will host more than 45,000 visitors and 500 brands and hundreds of boats. Bosphorus Boat Show Maritime Fair is a show to be organized with a brand new approach so that visitors will meet leading brands in the industry and boats that suit every single taste and needs, backed by varied accessories and equipment. Thanks to deep experience of past years and easy access to Pendik marina, visitors will get back to their old booming fairs. Pendik is ready to be the centre of the Boat Show once more for both participants and visitors as it is an easy-to-get access destination point for both European and Anatolian sides and is close to the downtown in Anatolian side in Istanbul. You can take place in this event from the very beginning and be eligible to all advantages. Bosphorus Boat Show Maritime Fair will host hundreds of thousands of visitors owing to a sound promotion and marketing programs so that participants will match right visitors.